Dr Daniel Gutting new CEO of the TriStyle Group:

Further expansion of the group-wide digital transformation

With effect from 1 March 2019, Dr Daniel Gutting (52) was appointed CEO of the TriStyle Group in Munich. In his new role, Daniel Gutting, who has been a member of the management board of TriStyle Mode GmbH since 2016, is responsible for the management of the entire TriStyle Group. His priority is the further development of the digital transformation - with a special focus on mobile devices and the use of artificial intelligence in data-driven communication - in the entire TriStyle Group.

Daniel Gutting will continue to be part of the management board of the TriStyle subsidiary Peter Hahn.

“We continue to see great growth potential for our brands thanks to our clear positioning and our focus on the needs of the target group of baby boomers and the acceleration of the digital transformation. Making consistent use of the expertise of TriStyle brings us significant advantages in terms of efficiency and speed,“ Daniel Gutting explains.